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PRIVACY POLICY (03/07/2020)

The confidentiality of the personal information of our clients is essential and a commitment of POW – PORTUGALONWATER LDA.


There are many circumstances in which we request personal data of a user (”User”): from the websites e (“Sites”), from the conclusion of any contracts (such as hotel services, surfing, stand up paddle, padel or yoga classes, purchase of vouchers, massages, rental of equipment or sale of products and services), provision of information, contents, including newsletter, login areas or any other personal or phone contacts. Meaning information that will allow to identify and/or contact the User (“Personal Data”) to place a reservation, subscribe a newsletter, request a contact, request a stay or to organize events for personal or third part use, subscribe any service, buy a products or establish any a contractual relationship with POW-PORTUGALONWATER, LDA. a company with its registered office at Rua Poeta João de Lemos, 32, 3090-466 Maiorca, Figueira da Foz, registered in the Commercial Registry of Coimbra, under registration and taxpayer number 513 620 494 (hereafter POW).

Collected and handled Personal Data consists essentially of information regarding to the name, gender, date of birth, telephone, mobile phone, email, address, ID number, tax identification number, credit card data (collected only for billing purposes), although other Personal Data may be collected that may be necessary or convenient for the provision or collection of services by POW.

POW may also collect and process information about the features of your hardware device and browser/software features as well as information about the pages visited by the User within the Sites. This information may include your IP (Internet Protocol), the operative systems, the type of browser type, domain name, access times and links through which the User has accessed the Sites (“Usability Information”). We use this information only to improve the quality of your visit to our Sites.

Usability Information and Personal Data are designated in this Privacy Policy by “User Data”.

The entity responsible for collecting personal data is POW.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the term “contractual relationship” means any contract between POW and its related entities, regardless of their purpose.


In the context of the processing of the User Data, POW uses or may resort to third parties, subcontracted by itself, to process, on its behalf and in accordance with the instructions given by it, the User Data in accordance with the law and this Privacy Policy.

These subcontracted entities may not transmit the User Data and are prevented from contracting other entities without POW’s prior authorization.

POW may collect data directly (i.e. directly from the User) or indirectly (i.e., through partner entities or third parties). The collection can be done through the following channels:

• Direct collection: in person, by phone, by e-mail, through the Sites, Booking Engines and / or Social Networks;
• Indirect collection: through partners entities or companies of the group and official entities.


Generally, POW uses User Data for the following purposes:
• Provision of hotel services and associated services (restaurants, bars, related sports and entertainment activities, etc.);
• Management of contacts with the User;
• Billing and collection to the User;
• Registration of the User in the Sites and Booking Engines;
• Inform the user, which has requested new products and services offered on the Sites and / or at any hotel (s), special offers and campaigns, updated information on the activity of POW and a marketing purposes of POW, by any means of communication, including electronic media; • Registration of the User in the Sites and Booking Engines;
• Inform the user, which has requested new products and services offered on the Sites and / or at any hotel (s), special offers and campaigns, updated information on the activity of POW and a marketing purposes of POW, by any means of communication, including electronic media;
• Allow access to restricted areas of the Sites, in accordance with previously established terms;
• Ensure that sites meet the User needs, through the development and content publishing as adapted as possible to the requests and the type of user, improved search capabilities and features of the Sites and obtaining associated or statistical information in relation to the User’s profile (analysis of consumption profiles);

The User Data collected by POW is not shared with third parties without the consent of the User, except for the situations mentioned in the following paragraph. However, if the user contract with the POW services that are provided by other entities responsible for the processing of personal data, the User Data may be viewed or accessed by those entities to the extent that is necessary to provide these services.

As required by law, the POW may transmit or communicate the User Data to other entities where that transmission or communication is necessary for the contract established between the User and POW, or pre-contractual steps at the request of the User, if it is necessary for any legal obligation to which the POW is subject or in case it is necessary for the legitimate interests of POW or third parties. Experiencing a User Data transmission to third parties, the reasonable efforts so that the transferee use the User Data transmitted properly with this Privacy Policy will be developed.


Personal Data collected and used by POW is not made available to third parties established outside the European Union. If, in the future, this transfer occurs for the reasons referred to in the preceding paragraph, POW undertakes to ensure that the transfer complies with the applicable legal provisions, in particular as regards the determination of the suitability of such country as regards data protection and the requirements applicable to such transfers.


POW guarantees the means that allow for the User’s access to their Personal Data.


POW guarantees the means that allow the User to request the correction or elimination of his Personal Data.


POW guarantees the means that allow the User to request the limitation of the processing of Personal Data, or the right to prevent such processing.


In case the User intends to i) place questions/complaints related with the Privacy Policy, ii) to access, iii) correct or eliminate, iv) or limit the processing of his Personal Data, he can contact POW by sending an email to in accordance with the respective terms of the Privacy Policy.


In order to guarantee the safety of User Data and maximum confidentiality, POW handles the information provided by the User in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with its internal security and confidentiality policies and procedures, which are periodically updated according to the needs, as well as the terms and conditions legally provided.

Depending on the nature, scope, context and purpose of the data processing, as well as the risks arising from the treatment of the rights and freedoms of the User, POW undertakes to apply, both when defining the means of treatment as at the time of the handling itself, technical and organizational measures necessary and adequate for the protection of User Data and compliance with legal requirements.

It also undertakes to ensure that, by default, only data that is necessary for each specific purpose of handling is processed and that such data are not made available without human intervention to an indeterminate number of persons.

Communication between the User’s device and the Site is done through secure channels and communications using the HTTPS protocol and the SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) security standard.

However, the User Data may circulate on the internet without any safety conditions, and may be visualized and/or utilized by non-authorized third-parties for that effect. On those circumstances, POW is not responsible for the theft, destruction of dissemination of the User Data.


When the User visit our Sites, will be required to consent to the creation and recording on your computer of a text file (Cookie). This file will allow you greater ease and speed in accessing the Sites, as well as their customization according to your preferences. Most browsers accept these files (Cookies), but the User can delete them or set their lock automatically. In the “Help” menu of your browser you will find how to make these settings. However, if you do not allow the use of Cookies, there may be some functionality of the Site that you will not be able to use.


POW reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at all times. In case the Privacy Policy is changed, the date of the last change, available on the top of this page is also updated.


The Privacy Policy, as well as the collection, processing or transmission of User Data, are governed by the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and applicable laws and regulations in Portugal.

Any litigation arising from the validity, interpretation or execution of the Privacy Policy, or relating to the collection, processing or transmission of User Data, must be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts, without prejudice to applicable mandatory legal regulations.

More information at:

Rua Poeta João de Lemos, 32
Maiorca – 3090-466
Figueira da Foz

RNET: 6486
RNAAT: 622/2016

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