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After all, the best way to travel is to feel.
Álvaro de Campos (Heteronym of Fernando Pessoa)
At Quinta D’Anta we are struck by the green of the landscape, by the aroma that the moutain blows in the wind, by the harmony of the sound of the village.


Looking at the gardens, walking along its tracks, between a dip in the pool and a conversation with the sun on any terrace, we enter the rural universe without leaving indoors.
To live. To drink the wind and the sun!
Lift up to the sky, our thorbbing hearts!
Florbela Espanca


We are made of emotions,
In the waves of the sea, between the lines of the field, through the paths of the mountain and the river and in the spirit we make experience out of the emotion.
Cooking is not a service, is a way to love others.
Mia Couto
Portugal is known for its gastronomy, we do not forget it. 
We love to eat and we want to share this joy …
We have a cozine made of tradition, with flavors and aromas of land and sea.
We cook with our heart.